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When Should you Call an Electrician

Some homeowners become accustomed to electrical issues such as flickering lights and persistent circuit breaker tripping.  Even homes built recently still suffer from electrical problems. It is never quite clear to most homeowners when they need to call an electrician.

Here are some of the problems that require the services of an electrician.

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1. Persistent Circuit Breaker Trips

How many times do you have to make that trip down to the basement or garage to reset the circuit breaker switch? Every now and then is expected, but when you have to reset it several times a week or even within the same day it signals an underlying issue.

The circuit breaker trips when there is a power overload. It may happen several times indicating that a circuit has too much current going through it. Excessive electricity flowing to circuits can cause electrical faults. It is something you want an electrician to look at and rectify the problem.

2. Flickering and Dimming Lights

When you plug in an appliance in the kitchen, do your lights start flickering or dim out? Some electrical appliances with motors draw excessive currents and cause lights to flicker or dim out when they are plugged in.

Such devices need their own dedicated circuits to handle their power supply requirements. Get an electrician to install these circuits.

3. Sparking, Buzzing, and Hot Outlets

Sometimes, the power outlet or wiring may produce sparking or buzzing sounds. You might also feel that the outlets or plates are warm or hot to the touch. Switchplates that conduct electricity repair via their screws require attention as well. To fix these problems, you should call an electrician Sydney immediately.

These issues indicate that the electrical system has some underlying damage. The problem may spiral out of control and cause an electrical fire or electrocution.

4. Burning Smells and Damaged Wires

When inspecting your home’s electrical system and can visually see some old or broken wires, you should get them fixed. Damaged wires cause several other electrical related issues, and if left unfixed it could cause further damage.

Burning plastic smell coming from outlets or switch plates after turning off the lights points to a serious underlying issue. It often indicates that the wirings within the wall are damaged. It is best to switch off the power supply to that area and get an electrician to fix the problem.

5. You Haven’t Called the Electrician in a While

If you have not called the electrician for months or even years, you definitely need them to call them now. Your electrical system might not need regular maintenance, but older houses need updates in line with code requirements.

Your wiring could use an upgrade because homes built between 1965 and 1972 featured aluminium wiring. Newer homes make use of copper wiring which is safer. It is also important to get GFCIs installed in rooms within your home with water supply. The interrupters detect when circuits have overloads and automatically shut off the current going to those circuits.

An electrician can solve your home’s electrical issues with code requirements and safety in mind. Now, contact Quick Spark to have your electricity repaired. 


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