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Types of Air Conditioning Service

We all wish to live a happy life, and to do so, we need to have the basic facilities. Food, clothing, and home are the most basic facilities that every single person must have to live. Without these three basic needs, one can never live a happy life. If we try to update them a little, our food can be transformed into delicious food, clothing into trending dressing, and home into a luxurious home. Here, we will talk about the third one only and will answer the question of whether a home can or cannot be luxurious without air conditioning service.


In ancient times, when man used to live in caves and forests, he didn’t have electricity. The natural environment of forests and cold caves didn’t force him to think of an alternative way to keep himself cool. He had enough river and seawater to take a bath whenever he wished. But then came the industrial revolution, and with that, a lot of smoke and heat in the environment. The man shifted from cold caves to cemented home and started to feel the heat. In the absence of fresh air, he didn’t enjoy this luxury of beautiful cemented homes. To solve this heat problem, he used fans, but they passed the air according to the room temperature. The problem still existed, until the air conditioning service was introduced.

Air Conditioning Service

The air conditioner has three major parts, a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. Condenser takes air from outside and transfers it to the compressor, which increases decreases its volume and increases its pressure. The AC unit uses chemicals to convert this gas into a liquid. This liquid moves towards the evaporator. When it evaporates into the room, the hot air already present and the decreased pressure turns it into gas. The hot air is extracted out of the room and the room starts to get cold.

aircon service

Let’s discuss a few types of air conditioning services.

Split Air Conditioning Service

The air conditioner is placed in a window in the wall and the internal units are connected with pipes instead of ducting. It is very useful if you don’t want to spend a lot of money in ducting your home. Each unit has its own fan and you can adjust its speed, temperature, timing, and many other features according to your needs.

split system air conditioner service
Central Air Conditioning Service

In contrast, to split air conditioning service, central air conditioning services provide you with the facility of an invisible source of cooling. The unit is placed above the roof or somewhere outside the house and is connected with ducting throughout the house. Ducting is done behind the walls and above the ceiling, so it doesn’t show off. The cold air is blown out of the air vents present in every room. This AC avoids noise and decreases the monthly utility bills.

central air conditioning service
Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work in two ways. Firstly, they are used to take the heat from one place to another and make the room cool. Secondly, they are also used to increase the temperature in winter. So, they are very useful units that work twelve months a year.

heat pump
Final Words

The air conditioning system has definitely made a lot of developments in our daily life. While sitting in the temperature that our body enjoys, we can work a lot better and live happier. This adds a lot to our lifestyle and makes our livings luxurious.

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