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Telltale Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

As a homeowner, it’s hard not to feel sentimental about the items we bring into our home. And the same can be said for the appliances we have allowed to reside in our kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms.

But sometimes, when an appliance such as an air conditioner just isn’t delivering like it used to, you’re going to need to let go. Read on to discover four signs that indicate you need an air conditioning service in your home.

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1. You have been using your air conditioner for ten years.

An air conditioning unit that is well-maintained will probably last up to 15 years. But with the pace of advancement in technology today and the fast rate at which appliances and gadgets go obsolete, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to purchase a brand new, state of the art air conditioning unit for a price that would be lower than what it would cost to maintain a decade-old air conditioner, especially if you consider the electric bill you will incur and the possible air conditioning repair services you will need for when it breaks down on you.

Given this, having an air conditioner that’s about ten years old is already a convincing sign that you’ll need to go shopping for a new one for your home. Contact an air conditioner repair specialist to fix the problem! 

2. You are paying for extremely high electric bills month-on-month

Assuming you’re certain that you have not in any way engaged in activities that could increase your electric consumption at home (no new home appliance in the kitchen, etc.?), the culprit to your skyrocketing and continuously increasing energy bill could be your aging air conditioner.

The truth is, sometimes well-designed air conditioning units won’t reveal their real age – they may look as shiny as brand new as when they were installed in your home years ago. But you can find the real sign of their wear, tear, and gradual inefficiency on your monthly electric bill.

If you’re starting to dread getting your electric bill every month, maybe it’s time to let go of your current air conditioner (it has surely served you well) and move on to the next one.

3. Your current air conditioning unit regularly breaks down.

You notice that you’ve been seeing a lot more of your air conditioning technician than you’re used to lately. And while he’s a nice guy and all, you can’t help but imagine dollar signs above his head every time you catch sight of him.

A frequent visit from your local ac repair specialist due to the frequent air conditioning breakdowns might be its way of telling you it’s about ready to retire. The next time your air conditioning guy drops by, ask him for a recommendation for an updated air conditioning system and how much it will cost to get one.

4. Your home is never cool enough to your liking.

If you find that the output of your aging conditioner has somewhat decreased the comfort level you feel in your home, it might be time to find a replacement. If you’re not getting the inside of your house to the ideal temperature you prefer because your current air conditioning unit can’t deliver, it’s time to go shopping for a new one. Find an ac repair technician today. 

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