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Gas as an Energy Source

Gas is a form of energy and more so, clean energy which burns completely and has no emissions that pollute or are harmful to the environment. Gas comes from different sources like naturally occurring gas, gas from the process of refining crude oil and biogas from organic waste. The choice of which one to use depends on availability and price. The most used is naturally occurring gas because of its abundance and easy availability. Biogas is gaining popularity because of the ease of obtaining the raw material but the downside is the amount of raw material required, which is massive, and the resultant end product which is infinitesimal. It is only viable in very few specialized locations like large dairy farms.

On the domestic front gas is used for cooking and heating. It is either supplied in pipes from a centralized source or it can be obtained in cylinders (also called bottles) of a specific capacity depending on the market. In either case, the final burner comes in various sizes and shapes depending on the purpose it is used for and the choice of the consumer.

Gas is highly inflammable and all necessary caution should be taken to ensure the system in use is always at the peak of performance and regular checks should be carried out to ensure safety. Where a gas heating system is in use, a periodic and regular gas heater service must be in place to guarantee safety. This should be done by competent personnel. In institutions like hospitals and schools or colleges, a gas heater service is mandatory simply because a disaster could cause immeasurable damage to both humans and property.

Gas heater service comes in many forms. On the domestic scene, simple chores like cleaning the burners can be done by the user. A clean system is essential for the efficiency of the system. However, if the system requires more than cleaning or any repair however small, it is highly recommended that trained and competent personnel are engaged. This personnel is also available in different forms. There is a reputable firm with a fixed address and a money-back guarantee. This the most recommended because in case of any misfortune they are always available and will always guarantee their workmanship. There is also the guy at the end of the street who is readily available and will do a quick fix but in case of any misfortune he will not be available and most likely he will shift base and move to another street at the other end of town. The choice is entirely on the user.

In today’s world where a clean environment has become a big concern involving even the UN, gas has become the fuel of choice because of its clean properties and where fuelwood is used for cooking, some governments have gone ahead and subsidized the cost of gas to preserve their forests. Because of its physical properties, it is the preferred choice for heating in severely cold conditions and its cost makes it more attractive.

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