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Factors That Help To Determine the Cost to Rewire a House

Houses built decades ago may need rewiring because of faulty and old wiring, and because of insufficient sockets for today’s modern electric household gadgets and equipment. Too many extension leads in sockets can overload them, damage sensitive electrical devices and even trigger a fire.

Old wiring also naturally deteriorates with time which is why it’s better rewiring old houses. The cost to rewire a house works out to be much cheaper than the expenditure incurred because of electrical fires, damaged equipment and in some cases, bodily injury.

There are various factors that determine the cost to rewire a house.
  • The most obvious factor is what will be changed like adding new sockets, changing the old wiring and fitting or rewiring to accommodate the power needs of large machinery.
  • Another factor is the power demand on your house’s main circuit, how much electricity you will be using for different equipment and also how often you will be using all your machinery and equipment.
  • The type of house you live in also factors in the cost, along with the size of it. It’s obvious that larger houses with more rooms and electrical equipment will be more expensive to rewire than smaller houses.
  • Your house rewiring costs also depend on which part of the country you live in, and the local and national electrical installation regulations.
  • The condition of the existing wiring is another factor. If it’s old and damaged, then the electricians have a lot of preparation work to do before rewiring home, which means heightened labour costs.
  • The type of electrical equipment you use like if it’s domestic or commercial is another factor. Commercial equipment and equipment like air conditioners consume more electricity and thus need higher capacity wiring.

Once you take these factors into consideration, you will be able to get a rough estimate for wiring your home. It may be based on the number of wires and cables that may be required, and if you are aiming for a partial or complete rewiring of your property. You will also know if there are any local regulations restricting or hindering any rewiring work you have planned.

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Work involved

Rewiring your property is an extensive procedure where the electricians have to run new cables through the house, install new or additional sockets and replace all old fuse boxes. Electricians have to do this in every single room of your house; so you can get an idea of how extensive this procedure actually is.

If you have bought an old property, it’s always better to have the rewiring work done before you shift into it. The cost to rewire a house is, in fact, cheaper if it’s done with other remodelling or refurbishing work.

In case you plan to rewire the house you live in, though you can have the electrician rewire one room at a time, it’s cheaper and better if you can arrange for some temporary accommodation.

This is because lots of work goes into rewiring your home, which can be completed quicker if the house is empty. The old wires and fittings have to be removed and then new cables and fittings have to be installed. The new circuits and fittings have to also be tested.

Once this is done, you need to have contractors do some minor plastering work to fill up holes in the wall and then any necessary painting and remodelling work. However, all this is not included in your house rewiring costs as you have to hire contractors for this job.

Remember that the cost to rewire your home may differ amongst different electricians. So collect a few quotes to compare and make the final choice. Remember that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best and as this is an extensive procedure, experienced electricians are always a better choice.


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