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Easy Electrical Repair Projects For Homeowners

Thanks to scientific inventions, the world is now a place worth living. We now have a broad range of electrical equipment and devices that provide us with all sorts of comforts and luxuries. Arguably, the invention of electricity is by far the most important to the evolution of human beings. In fact, it is hard to imagine the world without electricity. Electricity is the most versatile and easily regulated type of energy. It is a universal energy resource and can be extracted from renewable and eco-friendly methods such as hydro-power, natural gas, wind power as well as solar power among other sources.

We all depend on electrically-powered devices and appliances to facilitate, enhance and impact on our daily life activities. To be more precise, the computers, laptops, mobile phones, air conditioners, heating types of equipment, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other valuable household machines depend on electricity. From the moment you wake up in the morning, you interact with electricity in your house, office until the time you retire to bed in the evening. This is a clear indication of how important electrical power is.

residential electrician

Unfortunately, our over-reliance on electricity has resulted in a number of problems. Nearly every electrical appliance possess some potential electrical safety hazards in the house, office and even in industrial settings. Defective electric cables, faulty electrical wiring and poor handling of electrical components are known to be the most common causes of electrical dangers. It is highly recommended that in the event of an electrical issue in your home, you should always hire a highly trained and qualified residential electrician. Perhaps this is because any further damage to your electrical components can result in further costly and life-threatening damages. However, this does not entirely imply that there are no electrical repair projects that you can do on your own. Electrical repair projects such as replacing fixtures can be done by nearly everybody, provided you have some little electrical repair knowledge.

So today in this particular article, we want to discuss some of the easiest electrical repair projects that you can easily on your own, and without the need to seek professional assistance.

Replacing a power point

As compared to installing new power points, the prospect of replacing electrical outlets is often a relatively straightforward job. You’ll only need to have the recommended light switches, a multi-meter which you can use to test if the power is off, a screwdriver and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that there are three types of outlets. This includes the underground switches which usually has two holes. As such, it does not have the third round hole needed for grounding. They are commonly found in older homes. Besides, there is the grounded power outlet, which has the three standard holes. Finally, there is the Grounded-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI or GFC) power outlet. Typically, this type of electrical switch boasts of a built-in breaker which automatically disconnects the switch thus interrupting power, in the event of a short.

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When you are replacing an outlet, you should only go for the type of switch which is already in place. However, if you decide that you want to install a different one, just consult your local electrician first for safety reasons.

The procedure involved in replacing switches is straightforward. First, ensure that your main power is off. Next, remove the faceplate and unscrew the outlet and pull it out of your wall, ensuring that you can work on it properly. Locate where the ground, neutral and power cables are attached to your existing switch. Remove them and connect them to the same location on your new switch.

Replacing your extension cord plug

This is another electrical repair project that you can easily do on your own. The first step would involve cutting off your old plug. This means that you’ll need a good wire cutter or a sharp utility knife as well. Open up the cable housing to see the wires inside it. If you did everything right up to this moment, then you’ll see a black wire which is usually for power, white and green cables that signify (neutral and ground) respectively. With the help of your wire cutter device, strip each of the three cables and ensure that they are visible enough. Open your replacement plug and connect the three stripped wires to the corresponding terminals inside your new plug. After this, putting everything back in place and you are all done.

These are some of the electrical repair projects you can attempt in your home. As previously mentioned, electricity is a dangerous thing to handle especially if you are not a well-trained expert. This only means that if you are not sure about anything, just leave it to the most qualified. Simply put, always consult your local electrician before attempting anything involving electricity.

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