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Does Your House Look Outdated? Do You Want to Sell It? It’s the Time for Home Improvement

Improving your home can be great fun and a good opportunity to give it a makeover. Whether you are wanting to gain more room, install some new features or even add value to your home. It is always wise to try and increase value in your home whether you are selling or not. It can help you down the track if you need to sell for whatever reason. Some renovations you do can increase value while some can actually be a complete turn off for potential sellers.


A renovated bathroom will add value if you have installed easily to maintain flooring and benchtops and modernized the taps, shower and bath.


Kitchens need a more modern and simple theme to them. No one wants a squished dark kitchen. Open it up and add light colours with some modern appliances.

Outdoor improvements:

These are first impressions when you walk into a backyard. Adding cement to your landscaping will add value and having everything low maintenance will give you more time to spend doing the more important things in your life.

Windows and roofing:

Both of these are expensive to fix and replace. These are two things people expect to be in good condition when they are looking at buying your house. It is something that needs doing when it needs doing to avoid leaks and drafts getting in.

While there are luxury upgrades to do there are also minor repairs that can also make a huge difference. In maintenance and value when you

are doing your home improvements. Simple things like changing bench tops, putting in new light fittings and changing up your décor to suit another theme can add to. If you have a patio you could turn that into a bedroom or a games room to store all the kids’ toys and keep them dry during the rain and undercover during the hotter months.

Another popular trend that is seen in home improvements is garage conversions. They offer much-needed room for families but isn’t always a good selling point as people without children would prefer the undercover car space. While swimming pools are not quite common they can be seen as a luxury but installing one can decrease interest if you are selling especially for people with little children. It is then just seen as a hazard more than a luxury selling point.

If you don’t have central heating or air conditioning that is something to have installed. Don’t suffer in the heat or the cold weather. People also prefer buying homes with central heating and air conditioning rather than wall furnaces and split systems that only really work in the one room, not the overall house.

It is pretty affordable to install both of these either as one whole system together to separately. If you chose to install the air conditioning as well as the central heater separately this can work in your favour if you are tight on funds. Get one installed then the other when your budget is a little friendlier


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