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Does Your House Look Outdated? Do You Want to Sell It? It’s the Time for Home Improvement

Improving your home can be great fun and a good opportunity to give it a makeover. Whether you are wanting to gain more room, install some new features or even add value to your home. It is always wise to try and increase value in your home whether you are selling or not. It can help you down the track if you need to sell for whatever reason. Some renovations you do can increase value while some can actually be a complete turn off for potential sellers.


A renovated bathroom will add value if you have installed easily to maintain flooring and benchtops and modernized the taps, shower and bath.


Kitchens need a more modern and simple theme to them. No one wants a squished dark kitchen. Open it up and add light colours with some modern appliances.

Outdoor improvements:

These are first impressions when you walk into a backyard. Adding cement to your landscaping will add value and having everything low maintenance will give you more time to spend doing the more important things in your life.

Windows and roofing:

Both of these are expensive to fix and replace. These are two things people expect to be in good condition when they are looking at buying your house. It is something that needs doing when it needs doing to avoid leaks and drafts getting in.

While there are luxury upgrades to do there are also minor repairs that can also make a huge difference. In maintenance and value when you

are doing your home improvements. Simple things like changing bench tops, putting in new light fittings and changing up your décor to suit another theme can add to. If you have a patio you could turn that into a bedroom or a games room to store all the kids’ toys and keep them dry during the rain and undercover during the hotter months.

Another popular trend that is seen in home improvements is garage conversions. They offer much-needed room for families but isn’t always a good selling point as people without children would prefer the undercover car space. While swimming pools are not quite common they can be seen as a luxury but installing one can decrease interest if you are selling especially for people with little children. It is then just seen as a hazard more than a luxury selling point.

If you don’t have central heating or air conditioning that is something to have installed. Don’t suffer in the heat or the cold weather. People also prefer buying homes with central heating and air conditioning rather than wall furnaces and split systems that only really work in the one room, not the overall house.

It is pretty affordable to install both of these either as one whole system together to separately. If you chose to install the air conditioning as well as the central heater separately this can work in your favour if you are tight on funds. Get one installed then the other when your budget is a little friendlier


electrical repair

When Should you Call an Electrician

Some homeowners become accustomed to electrical issues such as flickering lights and persistent circuit breaker tripping.  Even homes built recently still suffer from electrical problems. It is never quite clear to most homeowners when they need to call an electrician.

Here are some of the problems that require the services of an electrician.

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1. Persistent Circuit Breaker Trips

How many times do you have to make that trip down to the basement or garage to reset the circuit breaker switch? Every now and then is expected, but when you have to reset it several times a week or even within the same day it signals an underlying issue.

The circuit breaker trips when there is a power overload. It may happen several times indicating that a circuit has too much current going through it. Excessive electricity flowing to circuits can cause electrical faults. It is something you want an electrician to look at and rectify the problem.

2. Flickering and Dimming Lights

When you plug in an appliance in the kitchen, do your lights start flickering or dim out? Some electrical appliances with motors draw excessive currents and cause lights to flicker or dim out when they are plugged in.

Such devices need their own dedicated circuits to handle their power supply requirements. Get an electrician to install these circuits.

3. Sparking, Buzzing, and Hot Outlets

Sometimes, the power outlet or wiring may produce sparking or buzzing sounds. You might also feel that the outlets or plates are warm or hot to the touch. Switchplates that conduct electricity repair via their screws require attention as well. To fix these problems, you should call an electrician Sydney immediately.

These issues indicate that the electrical system has some underlying damage. The problem may spiral out of control and cause an electrical fire or electrocution.

4. Burning Smells and Damaged Wires

When inspecting your home’s electrical system and can visually see some old or broken wires, you should get them fixed. Damaged wires cause several other electrical related issues, and if left unfixed it could cause further damage.

Burning plastic smell coming from outlets or switch plates after turning off the lights points to a serious underlying issue. It often indicates that the wirings within the wall are damaged. It is best to switch off the power supply to that area and get an electrician to fix the problem.

5. You Haven’t Called the Electrician in a While

If you have not called the electrician for months or even years, you definitely need them to call them now. Your electrical system might not need regular maintenance, but older houses need updates in line with code requirements.

Your wiring could use an upgrade because homes built between 1965 and 1972 featured aluminium wiring. Newer homes make use of copper wiring which is safer. It is also important to get GFCIs installed in rooms within your home with water supply. The interrupters detect when circuits have overloads and automatically shut off the current going to those circuits.

An electrician can solve your home’s electrical issues with code requirements and safety in mind. Now, contact Quick Spark to have your electricity repaired. 


air conditioner repair

Test it Out Before Purchasing an Air Conditioning

Before you begin the process of repairing an air conditioner, there are various aspects of an AC you should be aware of. Once an air conditioning breaks or develops a fault, many people try to work on it without a proper understanding. Nevertheless, it is easy to carry out some basic air conditioning that is if you fully understand all its aspects. However, if you understand nothing about air conditioners, do not try to repair it. You may end up tampering it more.

Repairing air condition is not cheap; the expenses may become higher if you keep ignoring the simple signs of default. Therefore, you should always remain alert. Nevertheless, you can limit the astral costs of air conditioner repair in a few ways. The practices involve practising simple things, which may help you maintain your AC unit. These things will ensure your Ac lasts for long without problems. It is critical to main your AC unit than to clean it.

Practice tidiness and discipline on your Air conditioning

If your fridge requires constant cleaning to be efficient, the same thing applies an air conditioner. You do not always have to call for a professional to clean your system. You should open the system once every month to check whether the wires are okay. Check whether the wires are okay and clean the evaporating coils. Ensure there are no moulds growing on the inner side and there are no traces of leaking. You only need a wet clothing to clean it. Do not use any chemicals or sprinkle water it. you must be so careful.

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Allow the Air conditioner to rest

The air conditioner is prone to fatigue and overwork just like a human. Therefore, ensure you shut it down for a few hours every day. One of the main reasons why Ac requires repair is due to overheating. So, to remain on the safe side, ensure you switch it off to cool down. In fact, you should let the rest and switch it on only when you need it. Some people do not even to turn off the Ac and it runs for few days. This is dangerous and may destroy your unit easily. Whenever you do not need it, ensure it is off; it will even help in maintenance. Remember an AC unit cannot develop any problem while off.

Always be alert, if you notice that your AC unit is struggling to function, it is better you call in the professional. Do not wait for the condition to worsen. Once your Ac conditioner develops a worse default, the best advice an expert can give is to buy a new one. Therefore, to ensure you are safe, always take care of your unit.

In reality, air conditioner repair costs can be very low if people are more diligent in taking care of the Ac units. The manufacturers describe the air conditioners as durable and efficient but that does not make an Ac invincible. Everything wears out easily and the air conditioning unit is not an exception. You only need a little understanding and care for your AC to remain in proper condition for a long time. If you maintain your AC, it can last for years without any default.


gas heater servicing

Buying Ducted Heating Systems For Your Residence

Ducted heating and heat pumps are products that make the darkest and coldest days come alive and hotter. These products can control the temperature of your home and allow you to fight against the outside climate so you can perform your tasks easily and comfortably. There are winter days when you do not have to get out of bed because it’s cold. This penetrating climate can be controlled with controlled heating. This advanced equipment could be used to control the fan speed and the air pressure which passes through it. This modernized and safe technology allows the heat pump to be energy efficient products.

These are some of the benefits listed for your knowledge:

Prevent cold weather: You can continue your work in the rooms of your home without feeling the effects of the outside atmosphere. The cold can only be prevented by external temperature control, and the mounted heating allows you to use that climate. You can enjoy the heat of heat pumps and do your job without hiding in layers of clothes.

Flexibility in the control of the temperature: The ducted heating of the conduits allows the user to control the temperature of the different rooms depending on the amount of temperature that has been established. Then, if a person needs more room temperature in a room, he can control it through the control channel of a remote control. It is not necessary to store separate systems to provide flexible control.

Energy efficiency: Everyone in the world is aware of the need to protect the environment. Heat pumps can contribute to the environment as the product with the highest energy efficiency. Technology is not just about exhausting resources. The products used to heat your home have been tested to convert the air into hot air. This does not require the use of limited resources. Most channels even use electric power, preserving the need to use limited resources of the universe.

Compact: You can buy compact sewer heating for your home and save space for your home. It is no longer necessary to buy bulky equipment or display it in your home. The space occupied by the heater’s appliances can be used for a different purpose, or you can free your room and enjoy the vacuum.

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There are many products that will make your home a comfortable place to live. You just need to know where to invest your hard earned money and get the right products for your home. His job is simply to find a good brand that manufactures heat pumps and duct heaters for homes and offices, and the rest of the work will be done by the company he hired. They will make sure you enjoy the above benefits when you buy your items. The minimum number of plugs you need to install this type of heating system in your home is six. However, if your house is large, you can install up to 10! It would cost more, but it would be an efficient system to heat your entire house. Choose the best technology for your home and live in peace and without stress for a few years.

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Outdoor Lighting – Helpful Tips and Information

Everyone likes good outdoor light and many people like adding an outdoor chandelier to their gazebo, sunroom, porch and deck. Not only do outdoor lighting chandeliers lengthens the time that can you spend on productive activities for your evenings, but also significantly adds to the overall enjoyment of the exterior of the home. When you want to add some lights to your exterior the first thing you should do is to decide on the kind of lights you want. You will have to choose from the three options available in the market which include:

  1. Halogen bulbs.
  2. Incandescent bulbs
  3. Outdoor LED lighting.

Halogen and Incandescent are by far the most popular types of lighting on the market. However, they are mainly used for indoor lighting. Outdoor LED lighting is your best choice for your outdoor lighting needs. An expert can help you select the right lighting for your property. When you are not sure of what you type of lighting you want to use an outdoor light installation contractor should be able to help you. This advice can apply regardless of where you are as electrical contractors are specialized in this area and the contractor can give you advice as well as arrange the safe installation of your lighting for you.

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LED Benefits of Outdoor Lighting.

There are several benefits of using LED as your outdoor lighting. LED saves energy using a lower wattage than other bulbs. LED lighting also runs cooler than other bulbs. The fact that this type of lighting runs cooler means it is safer to install near plants that do not do well with hotter running lighting, too. You will also not have to worry about young kids getting burned if the bulbs are within their reach.

LED bulbs are also more durable than incandescent and halogen bulbs. LED bulbs do not lose their lighting at one time either, they slowly start to dim which will give you a chance to replace the bulbs before getting left in the dark. Another thing to remember when choosing your outdoor lighting is LED bulbs do not shatter if dropped. The LED bulb is put together as one piece so no more worries about glass fragments.

Most people can do basic lighting change. However, if you are putting new lights up that do not have existing wiring it is wise to obtain professional help. Outdoor light installation contractor is well equipped for these types of jobs.

Lighting – Decor and Safety.

Not only is adding lighting outdoors well for decoration purposes but for safety as well. Talk with your outdoor light installation contractor about adding security lighting. Security lighting is also known as motion detection lighting is an excellent safety feature to have on your property. These lights illuminate when they detect motion – great for safety and energy conservation.

Outdoor lighting can be great for keeping intruders away as well as lighting up your property when you come home late at night. You’ll find a multitude of options and professional assistance can have your outdoor lighting project completed swiftly and safely.

residential electrician

Tips for the Best Residential Electrical Services

When looking for a residential electrician service, you need to find an expert that you are comfortable working with. These technicians don’t have to work in their own locations but they have to visit your house to do the job. They will work in your home with your family and belongings. So you are required to make sure that both your family and belongings are safe with the professional you choose to hire. Let’s see what qualities you should seek in a residential electrician.

  1. Experience.

You must ensure that the electrician is there in the industry for a long time. The experience of a person makes him able to understand all the aspects of a job and he becomes capable to deal with all the emergent issues related. Obviously, people who have done a work several times will be better performers than the novices. The long experience of an electrician also confirms that he has guts to face the challenges thrown by the competitive industry.

  1. License.

The first thing you need to look for in an electrician you want for your residential assignments supposed to be the license. By having a license means that the expert has qualified the guidelines and standards laid down by the state and they have permission to work in the local area. If you find a residential electrician working without a license, you can simply understand that he is operating illegally and unethically. You can rely on him, neither on the safety of your home nor on the quality of services.

  1. Reputation.

You need to ensure that the electrician you want to hire is well reputed in the local area. There is no bigger certification for a professional than its customer’s satisfaction. If the customers of the electrician are fully satisfied with his services, you can go ahead with him unhesitatingly. But the question is how to make this thing sure. It’s quite easy these days, just visit a few review sites and go through a couple of online reviews. Reviews posted by the customers of the professional will let you figure out the quality of the services provided easily. If you are in the mood to go an extra to determine it even more precisely, collect a few customer references from the professional and contact them one by one and ask about the company. However, if the professional doesn’t seem willing to provide the references, start your search afresh.

  1. Price.

This remains one of the biggest considerations. But the competition transpiring in any industry may be harmful to the companies and professionals, not for the customers. Customers have always been benefited by such a competitive atmosphere. They may avail of the products and services at lower prices. However, today it’s not a big deal to find a professional offering high-quality services at affordable rates. Make a list of some good electricians and visit their sites one by one. All the professionals offer online estimates to make the deal even more convenient for their customers. Request for the estimates and compare them to end up with the most appropriate residential electrician for you.

gas heater servicing

All You Should Know About Duct Heating System

You finally purchased your first home and know very little about your Ac and heating system. As a new homeowner, your first improvement is on what is already there and how to make it more cost-efficient and create a higher quality of comforts. One main thing that can help keep the cost is by looking at the Ducting system. In simple terms those silver tube like things that tend to run in the ceiling and in walls and some underneath your floors. Let’s take a basic tutorial of what Duct heating entails and how we can make it Green and practical for all homes.

What is a Ducting System?

Ducting system is those tubes that run through the home into open vents that allow the hot air to be pushed through into the area we are trying to warm. They will ten to look metal like outside and usually a pink like substance to insulate them from the outside. Do you go into the ceiling or the top floor that was an attic? How the duct laying system is very important to first the ability to do its job and the cost of running your heat can be seen on your bill. This system allows whatever type of furnace you are running to freely release heat evenly to all the rooms in your home. Most older homes tend to need replacing of the duct system or retrofitting some areas of your duct system with better sealing so the hot air does not leak. One of the ways to notice if you have a leak is simple by the electric or gas bill, all determine on what kind of heating furnace system you own. I would advise if this is your first time working on them, get a heating service professional’s advice or let a contractor you trust to give a bid and possible do the service for you. Please do not think duct tape wrapped around your duct will keep its longevity, in the end, if you fix the problem from the start, the minimal amount of damage or price comes with it.

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How can we keep it green?

Heat is always nice especially those early mornings before you step out of that shower to head to work. Yet, heating, if the system is not performing properly, can cost an arm and a leg, to where heating sounds like a past luxury you remember when your parents were paying for it. We are going to walk through quickly on the steps of possible making your heating system more up to date and lower cost without damaging the environment. Like most furnaces that run, on gas, which in America most are pumping natural gas, others have an electric heating system that filters the heat through duct cold and into the ducting system. First, walk through your home and see if the heating is adequate to the temperature your thermostat is registering at. Then walk through the areas of the house usually attics and basement areas and check on the duct system, simply does it look clean, are the stable, any holes from pests? If you see any of those things two things replace the certain section and clamp them to the original system or redo the duct system. If the duct isn’t properly in place or the infrastructure has a weak area you will be leaking heat into areas that will not benefit you. The most important is to make sure the furnace whichever style you have is up to date and has had its health check. Which means a professional has come in and registered all parts are working smoothly. If you want to and have the funds you can replace the entire system with a professional and have all energy star product passed by the powers companies. The duct system is like the veins within the body if there’s is a block our heart will not pump blood properly to our extremities and will make the body work harder but also the wear and tear more prominent. Saving money and knowing you are doing something Green for the future can be simple as long as you know what you are doing and if not it is important to ask for professional help


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How Ducted Heating Works and Its Benefits

You need heated comfort in all parts of your home. That’s normal because home is the place we should always find such kinds of easy but significant comforts. Even just in some couple of areas. Why you need ducted heating systems?

Generally speaking, they are among the cheapest and most effective alternatives. They are also perfect for homes in all types of climates, particularly for those homes which experience extreme variations of temperature between winter and summer months.

Ducted heating may be fairly expensive to install. However, once operational they provide a great deal of versatility. They provide effective means of warming more than one area.

How Ducted Heating Works

The ducted heating system operates by utilizing a major central heating unit. The unit generates hot air which is pumped out via a network of heavily insulated ducts. The ducts may be installed in the ceiling, under the floor and vents in various parts of the home.

Normally the central heater component is either some large gas surface that may operate on natural gas or LPG or a heat pump system. The latter possesses the added benefit of letting ducted cooling via the same system.

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Majority of ducted central heating systems provide you with the leverage of controlling how heat is going to be distributed throughout the house utilizing “dampers”. These are mechanisms which are able to block heating ducts so as to control heated air from flowing in some parts of your home. The dampers either may be manually controlled, or they can be controlled automatically through remote control systems. Several automated dampers will let you close your duct part of the way. This controls the flow of cool or hot air to a room.

Advantages of Ducted Heating

The following are some benefits you accrue when you decide to install ducted heating.

  1. Whole Home Comfort

Ducted heating systems may be installed in a new house. They may also be customized to suit an existing home. After installing your system, you may now tailor the ideal level of comfort suitable for your home from a single control panel. This provides you with warmth and comfort whenever it’s required.

  1. Efficiency

With a majority of gas ducted heating manufacturers now making highly effective four, five, six and seven-star heaters, it’s noteworthy that running ducted heating system today has reduced significantly. This without affecting heat output.

  1. Even Distribution of Air

When air is heated, it’s going to be pushed via ducts and into your home through some series of vents in the floor or ceiling. This makes sure warm air is distributed evenly throughout your home, and there’s going to be no cold spots.

  1. Easy Control

Ducted heating systems are also controlled from some central control panel. This may be installed in among the main rooms in your house. This factor implies you may decrease or increase the home temperature easily by operating the control panel.

Additionally, the control panel may be zoned. This lets you designate easily the rooms you’d like to heat, and those ones you don’t.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

With just unobtrusive grilles mounted on the floor or ceiling visible, the systems do not interfere with the entire appearance of your house. Ducted heating furthermore is among the quietest of all the heating alternatives.


residential electrical service

Factors That Help To Determine the Cost to Rewire a House

Houses built decades ago may need rewiring because of faulty and old wiring, and because of insufficient sockets for today’s modern electric household gadgets and equipment. Too many extension leads in sockets can overload them, damage sensitive electrical devices and even trigger a fire.

Old wiring also naturally deteriorates with time which is why it’s better rewiring old houses. The cost to rewire a house works out to be much cheaper than the expenditure incurred because of electrical fires, damaged equipment and in some cases, bodily injury.

There are various factors that determine the cost to rewire a house.
  • The most obvious factor is what will be changed like adding new sockets, changing the old wiring and fitting or rewiring to accommodate the power needs of large machinery.
  • Another factor is the power demand on your house’s main circuit, how much electricity you will be using for different equipment and also how often you will be using all your machinery and equipment.
  • The type of house you live in also factors in the cost, along with the size of it. It’s obvious that larger houses with more rooms and electrical equipment will be more expensive to rewire than smaller houses.
  • Your house rewiring costs also depend on which part of the country you live in, and the local and national electrical installation regulations.
  • The condition of the existing wiring is another factor. If it’s old and damaged, then the electricians have a lot of preparation work to do before rewiring home, which means heightened labour costs.
  • The type of electrical equipment you use like if it’s domestic or commercial is another factor. Commercial equipment and equipment like air conditioners consume more electricity and thus need higher capacity wiring.

Once you take these factors into consideration, you will be able to get a rough estimate for wiring your home. It may be based on the number of wires and cables that may be required, and if you are aiming for a partial or complete rewiring of your property. You will also know if there are any local regulations restricting or hindering any rewiring work you have planned.

 electrical repair service

Work involved

Rewiring your property is an extensive procedure where the electricians have to run new cables through the house, install new or additional sockets and replace all old fuse boxes. Electricians have to do this in every single room of your house; so you can get an idea of how extensive this procedure actually is.

If you have bought an old property, it’s always better to have the rewiring work done before you shift into it. The cost to rewire a house is, in fact, cheaper if it’s done with other remodelling or refurbishing work.

In case you plan to rewire the house you live in, though you can have the electrician rewire one room at a time, it’s cheaper and better if you can arrange for some temporary accommodation.

This is because lots of work goes into rewiring your home, which can be completed quicker if the house is empty. The old wires and fittings have to be removed and then new cables and fittings have to be installed. The new circuits and fittings have to also be tested.

Once this is done, you need to have contractors do some minor plastering work to fill up holes in the wall and then any necessary painting and remodelling work. However, all this is not included in your house rewiring costs as you have to hire contractors for this job.

Remember that the cost to rewire your home may differ amongst different electricians. So collect a few quotes to compare and make the final choice. Remember that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best and as this is an extensive procedure, experienced electricians are always a better choice.


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The Hidden Dangers in Your Home’s Light Switch Wiring

It can look like an innocent and indispensable little part of your home, and while you probably don’t often pay attention to the light switches found in pretty much every room of your house, you, in fact, should implement regular inspections of these light switch wiring. Why? Because believe it or not, these light switches, when they malfunction, can lead to surprising dangers in your home. Often these dangers are caused by issues with the light switch wiring and hence this is the reason you need a residential electrician.

What are the different types of light switch wiring?

There are essentially three kinds of light switch wiring. The simplest and most basic one is a single light switch that only has one switch that turns on and off. Another is a three-way light switch where you can control the light fixture using two switches found in different locations. Usually these are used for light fixtures above staircases where one switch is located upstairs and the other light switch is located downstairs. Finally, there is the four-way light switch that allows more than 2 switches to turn a light fixture on and off, and is ideal for wide spaces in a home that have multiple entry points like a living room.

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What are the warning signs of faulty light switch wiring?

Inspect the light switches in your home and watch out for these indications:

  1. Inspect the collar of the light fixture or light fitting. If the collar shows any sign of damage, like burn marks, multiple visible cracks, and normal signs of wear and tear.
  2. Look into the cable end connecting to the light fitting. Are there any exposed wires showing, and coloured wires that are visible?
  3. Check for any kind of burnt smell within the light switch wiring.
  4. Listen for any clicking sounds that could indicate that there could be loose connections within the light switch wiring.  The clicking sound comes from “jumping” electricity that makes the cable inside the screw terminals shake and wobble.

Here are a few more safety reminders when it comes to light switches and light switch wiring:

  1. If you are redecorating your home and want to simply replace the light switch covers, you still need to turn off the breaker for the circuits serving those light switches. Carefully unscrew the covers and pull these covers away from the wall. Reattach your new covers and ensure they are securely screwed before you turn on the breaker again.
  2. If you notice that the screw terminals on your light switches are loose, don’t secure them by using a regular screwdriver, as this can be dangerous! Instead, it is highly recommended that you use VDE screwdrivers, which can protect from up to a thousand volts that can be seriously harmful to you.

As with most matters concerning electricity in your home, should you feel you are not up to DIY any work that needs to get done on your light switch wiring, don’t hesitate to call your friendly neighbourhood electrician to get emergency electrical services done for you.