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We carry a variety of wooden shutter products that vary in shutters that include a variety of styles and materials.
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At Wooden Shutters, our shutters are no less than practice, stylish, ethical and internal quality that is inspired to become your choice for windows. We believe that shutters provide the best opportunity in keeping your room cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Classic Wood Style


With a smooth grain timber, our classic wood shutters are produced with a great finish. The light wood is very durable, which makes it ideal for large windows. We provide five options of size with over 10 paint finishes to choose from. You may also customize your order as desired to your color.

Premium White Teak Wood


White Teak wood is a great choice that comes in over 15 color options and 20 stain options. We provide a choice of five sizes or a solid shutter to suit your taste. These shutters can be designed to fit your windows according to your special dimensions.

Vinyl Range


Our Vinyl range options are 100% water proof as well as practical and stylish. They work well in transforming traditional kitchens, bathrooms, and wet rooms into desired areas. We offer the Vinyl range in five sizes with six paint colors. You can choose a full height for flexibility with a tier option.

Fire-Rated Roller Shutters


Our fire shutters are made to suit the opening of a maximum 7m opening. They are offered in complete pre-wired controlled motors with an auto-reset mechanism to help activate the fire alarm.

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